Saturday, March 9, 2013


An exonym (from the Greek: ἔξω, éxō, "out" and ὄνομα, ónoma, "name") is a name for a place or a personal name that differs from that used in the official or well-established language within that place or for that person by the local inhabitants, or a name for a people or language that is not native to the people or language to which it refers. The name used by the people or locals themselves is called endonym, autonym (from the Greek ἔνδον, éndon, "within" or αὐτο-, auto-, "self" and ὄνομα, ónoma, "name"), or self-appellation. For example, India, Germany, Greece, Japan, and Korea are the English exonyms corresponding to the endonyms Bharat, Deutschland, Hellas, Nippon/Nihon, and Goryeo.

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